Does Fire Accompany All Smoke?

Does fire accompany all smoke?

Peachy Paterno? 2011 Penn State Preview

It's not easy to preview your own team. Especially as you know that they'll drive you mad until early December, not doing what you want them to do and driving you mad mistakes. Unfortunately, that's why you love them - why would you root for a team that spends season after season never losing and never driving you crazy?Anyway, Penn State's got one thing perfect: The crowd at night games. You

10 College Football Predictions

1. Wisconsin - with Montee Ball as running back - will win the Big Ten despite the fact that everyone's talking up the likes of Nebraska. Ohio State and Michigan will be the dark horses for the division - although everyone's eyes about the Big Ten is going to be on Penn State's Week 2 match-up with Alabama. The favourites have Alabama as a nailed-on favourite. Sadly, we'd tend to agree. 2.

Songs Of The South: SEC Preview

For the last five year, there's been a SEC National Champion. And all this success has led to everyone and his wife wanted to be part of the conference (OK, Texas A&M!). The money helps too. Anyway, 2011's no difference. And instead of unfancied Auburn, everyone's talking about Alabama, Alabama, Alabama.1. Will it be 'Bama Time' in New Orleans?Despite the fact that the Crimson Tide has lost an

'Noles National Contenders? ACC Preview

The ACC's had a pretty crazy off-season. North Carolina fired its coach Butch Davis. He was former coach of the University of Miami, who just announced that eight of its players had been suspended in a scandal involving some guy called Nevin Shapiro. We'd go into details, but safe to say that Mr Shapiro didn't offer these recruits cookies and milk in return for their commitment to Miami Football

Images,wallpapers Telugu

images,wallpapers telugu

We love Offense! Pac-12 Preview

The Pac-10 is now the Pac-12. There's a Championship Game. And thankfully, there are no stupid names for the conference - it's just North and South.In the North - Oregon,  Oregon State, Stanford, Cal, Washington,Washington StateIn the South - Arizona, Arizona State, USC, UCLA, ColoradoAnd the North......We're going to get a few headaches talking about this one, so bear with us.1) Stanford's got

Who's Going to Win the Big 10?

The Big Ten welcomes Nebraska and splits its conferences into two divisions. The two names for the division: "Legends" and "Leaders" are absolutely stupid - but sadly won't go anywhere at the end of the season unless Joe Paterno retires (but he's got the damn trophy named after him!).Anywhere, here are our five 'Big' Questions?1) Can Ohio State rebound from a terrible off-season?It's been an

At Jordan-Hare Stadium In

at Jordan-Hare Stadium in

So Who's Going To Win The Big XII?

So here's a few points:1) Oklahoma is the favouriteThe No.1 Sooners are the favorites to run the table, win the Big XII South, win the Big XII, and go to the National Championship Game.They've got a great quarterback in Landry Jones and a great wide receiver in Ryan Broyles, but there's some questions about the defence - especially who's going to replace defensive captain Travis Lewis, who broke

Be In Jordan-Hare Stadium

be in Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jarrett Lee: The Saviour of LSU Football?!

Now that Jordan Jefferson's been suspended indefinitely after getting arrested for his part in a bar fight in Baton Rouge a few days ago, Jarrett Lee's back at quarterback for the Tigers for the showdown with the Oregon Ducks next week.Although we'd love to laugh at Les Miles' decision to put the senior in behind the huddle bearing in mind ahead of Zach Mettenberger, we've been reminded by SEC

Why Is Stephfon Green BACK in Happy Valley?

After singing his departure with a "We were so disappointed with the career of Stephfon Green at Penn State", we got some stunning news on Twitter today: He's back in Happy Valley.According to a number of news articles, everything's forgiven after his disagreements with Joe Paterno and now he's back in the running game, and will form a triple-threat with Silas Redd and Brandon Beachum.No reason

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Penn State Running Backs: Ready to Be a Redd-Head?

Right friends, we've been talking about everybody else this season but haven't really talked about Penn State.That's pretty much because Penn State players haven't really landed themselves in trouble, and the headlines have mostly been around Joe Paterno doing his best impression of a Penn State secondary player and committing a secondary violation because he watched his team players and then

In Jordan-Hare Stadium

in Jordan-Hare Stadium

Out to Sea: Seastrunk Leaves Oregon

A few weeks' ago we asked whether the current crapshoot at Oregon could possibly be bigger than the problems surrounding Oregon and Ohio State.Anyway, the problem has gone now that Ducks running back Lache Seastrunk has been 'given unconditional release by Ducks coach Chip Kelly', according to ESPN.There are worries about Seastrunk's recruitment - including tens of thousands of dollars handed to

Tripping! For the AP preseason Top 25, the season is laden with pitfalls

Oklahoma have been given the kiss of death for the start of the college football season: The AP No.1.Last year was a nightmare for No.1 teams, with Ohio State, OU and Alabama all losing when ranked top, and OU could face a nightmare early on with a trip to Seminole Country to play Florida State in Tallahassee and a showdown at Oklahoma State against a team that's laden with receiving talent. The

Jordan Hare Stadium Auburn

Jordan Hare Stadium Auburn

Jordan Hare Stadium Auburn

Jordan Hare Stadium Auburn

Why There Shouldn't Be A Hurricane In Miami

Reading Greg Doyel's lovely piece on CBS Sports about why it was unlikely that Miami would be given the death penalty by the NCAA over a brilliant investigation hat over 70 recruits and players partied with Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro, and a ton of money was channeled towards them by the Miami booster, it became apparent that the NCAA couldn't do such a thing because it would send the NCAA itself

Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn,

Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn,

Should we be worried about Stephon Green's departure?

According to multiple news sources, Stephfon Green's gone from Happy Valley.It's unfortunate, because the VFA was a fan. To be honest, we loved his speed - and his touchdowns....Especially this one against Michigan.What this does to Penn State is force more pressure on Silas Redd and Brandon Beachum. Redd's got frightening potential, but can he carry the Nittany Lions to the promised land?

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

A&M delivered a boot to the nuts by the SEC

Despite every college football website - including us - telling the world that Texas A&M's move to the SEC was a 'done deal', we'd like to add another few words: "We were wrong".In a meeting on SEC presidents, they all agreed that they were happy with the current format of 12, but might want to expand themselves further.Which makes me think: Could they not find two better schools than A&M?

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

A Notre Dame Football Game

a Notre Dame football game

For Notre Dame Football

for Notre Dame football

A&M to the SEC?

If you're in college football land and you haven't heard, here's the big (rumored) news of the day: Texas A&M's off to the SEC.The A&M boys and gals will say that it's all about competitive balance, but for a team that's woefully underperformed in the Big XII until last season, then will they be anything more than a poor person's Arkansas?They won't be as strong as Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas.

Arkansas People Began To Cast

Arkansas people began to cast

Get Well Soon, Joe Paterno

It's been a horrible week for America.Wall Street has had it pretty bad, with a 600 point fall on Monday. In short, it's pretty bad for the guys in the suits, as well as Penn State business grads hoping to get a job (or any grads trying to get a job, if we're honest). That hurt me financially - and got us pretty scared too.In London, there's rioting. That's spread to other cities (Birmingham and

Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium

Our Mistake With Kevin Newsome (Now Departed)

 When Kevin Newsome signed his letter of intent with Penn State on December 16th, 2008, we wrote this headline: "Alleluia: There Is Life After Darryl Clark", overjoyed that the Nittany Lions had indeed signed the next Terrelle Pryor.Now, he's off. He's getting a transfer. Nope, we don't know where, but we hope it's a school that will take an ambitious team player that is this kid.It's funny,

The New College Gameday Schedule: I'm Wetting Myself Already

College Gameday has selected its first games of the season.....and we're wetting ourselves already.First, they are travelling to the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, which will see Oregon and LSU play each other in a game that will probably feature discussions about recruiting violations, agents, and possible national championships - in that order. We in particular are happy that the Oregon

Team As The USC Football

team as the USC football

If Losing Running Backs Wasn't Enough, Georgia Loses Party School Status...

If losing just about every running back on its roster this summer wasn't enough, the University of Georgia has lost its status as the country's top party school.As we'd like to point out, Mum and Dad probably will be happy for this (as would Georgia's administration), which is getting continually pissed off with the amount of people getting ploughed on the North Lawn on football days, but it's

Football Field.

football field.
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