A View Of Jordan Hare Stadium

A view of Jordan Hare Stadium

Love Auburn Football More

love Auburn football more

Tress-Mess Part Deux? Apparently Pryor's Gone Too

If things couldn't get any worse for Ohio State Buckeyes fans after 'The Tress-Mess', apparently Terrelle Pryor's under investigation by the NCAA over whether the star quarterback received cars and other benefits, according to a report by the Columbus Post-Dispatch.Ohio State blogs, already hammered by the resignation of their sweater-vested hero, are already saying that Pryor - who was one of

Retire Your Sweater Vests: Tressel's Out

Although there might have been quite a lot of sensationalist chat about Jim Tressel resigning from the Ohio State Buckeyes on Memorial Day, the fact is this: As soon as he admitted to covering up player violations, he was Dead Man Walking.The sheer pressure from the US media during this whole shambolic tale on the program and the coach has been absolutely monstrous, with journalists and fans

Auburn Football Game.

Auburn Football game.

Why Tennessee Could Win The SEC East

In the light of everyone talking about how wonderful South Carolina will be bringing back running back sensation Marcus Lattimore and brilliant wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey and quarterback Stephen Garcia (hopefully after a stint in off-season rehab!), as well as No.1 college football player in the town Jadevon Clownley, I got thinking.Who's going to win the SEC East? Will it be Florida, who's

Pieces of Eight: Why College Football Play-Offs Would Be A Bad Idea

We read the news about the Fiesta Bowl guys and frustration started to well up.We read the news about the Department of Justice investigating possible anti-trust issues with the BCS and I felt my face reddening.We 401 Fantasy BCS Play-Off Proposals and we threw my laptop through the window, jumped out of the window, beat the crap out of the guy who picked up the laptop thinking it was Christmas

AUBURN (Football!

AUBURN (Football!

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

RIP, Austin Box

It's weird. I heard about Austin Box's death while reading my Twitter account, and I then read another a tweet slaughtering a Bleacher Report writer for writing an insensitive article about what the loss will mean for the team going into 2011. And you're right, it was a shockingly insensitive piece. But I'm sure of three things. One, that the writer of the piece (which has now been taken down) is

Labels: Auburn, Football

Labels: auburn, football

Pac 10 Football: Week 10

Pac 10 Football: Week 10

Manchester United Must Learn From Madrid Mistakes

So here we are, the end of another long and very fruitful footballing season, but before you wonder what on earth your going to do on Saturday evenings at 10:20 pm all summer, there is the destination of one last trophy to still be decided. That trophy is of course, the champions league, which will see FC Barcelona taking on Manchester United at Wembley on the 28th of May. For Sir Alex Ferguson's

JORDAN-HARE Football Stadium

JORDAN-HARE Football Stadium

What's Life Going For Georgia After Ealey?

We love going to the University of Georgia for a few reasons:1) The co-eds2) The town3) The beautiful campus4) Sanford Stadium and the hedgesAnd while the first three have nicely kept up with tradition, the action in the fourth was pretty awful last year, and not even the most Bulldog-loving, red-and-black-tinted-glasses wearing fan could say that Georgia were great last year."Hey, we made a Bowl

A week of madness....

This week all I've been able to think of is if my UK football club, Queens Park Rangers, will manage to avoid an effective "death penalty" because of alleged third party engagement over an Argentine player.I've spent waaaaay too long on QPR messageboards, and waaaay too long over Twitter. I've managed to avoid the 'mainstream media' every evening by playing movies that I love. It's the 'Ostrich

SEC And Auburn Football TV

SEC and Auburn Football TV

He Suggested I Post It In The

He suggested I post it in the

Liar, Liar

What a beautiful picture to have out there. Ohio State fans must be so happy.We can't wait for Ohio State's reply: "Our coach might lie, but you're is fat. Go Buckeyes."While Penn State will go for: "Rich Rodriguez. Happy Valley's favorite coach".

Iron Bowl 2009. Auburn

Iron Bowl 2009. Auburn
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