Let's Not Bother Celebrating, College Football

On the first Thursday of the NCAA season, you won't be able to wear black make-up, start your special teams in a wedge block, or taunt your opponent if you score.There's no truth to the rumour that from the start of the 2011 season, all college football players will have to have an immaculate high school record, and universities will be fined if a football player misses a team meeting from

Let's Hope It's Better This Year: 54 Predictions For the 2011 Season

Now it's 2011, we have one thing to say about our 2010 predictions: we blew it. Completely. We said the Auburn Tigers would be good, but not quite Cam Newton good. We thought Texas and Alabama would play each other - again - for the National Championship. Dear God - Texas didn't even GET into a bowl and Alabama couldn't even spell B.C.S!! In our defense, we called the winners of the Big XII North

How To Find A College Football Team

When I'm on the London Underground, some American person sees my Penn State sweatshirt and asks: "Did you go to Penn State?"I then have to tell the story, of how I saw Joe Paterno's documentary on ESPN, made a pilgrimage to State College in 2003 to see Penn State play Indiana (they won by a mile), and felt at home. I then plunged into footballing purgatory until 2005. In that purgatory, I went to

Brady WHO??

No, we're not going to talk about the NFL (yet), but about Michigan's new hire as head coach - Brady Hoke.Hoke comes from a non-BCS (and therefore to the BCS snobs, the purgatory that goes between I-AA and BCS) school that has been pretty darned impressive this year.Not only did they comfortably beat Navy's triple-option, Notre-Dame beating offense in the Poinsettia Bowl 35-14, but they also lost

Roar Eagle: Auburn National Champions

Brent Musberger proved to be the soothsayer tonight."The only problem for Oregon is that they've given Cam Newton two-and-a-half minutes in which to score", he said after Oregon wide receiver Jeff Maehl caught a no-look pass from Derron Thomas to tie an absorbing National Championship Game at 19.He was right. Newton - as he'd been doing all season and for three quarters of this game (the first

Goodbye, AJ Green

The University of Georgia is in mourning.The Southeastern Conference is in mourning.Heck, the world of college football is in mourning.Its best receiver is gone. And college football is all the poorer.Georgia superstar AJ Green gave us the usual line that players give for waltzing out the door about his decision being "difficult" and making a decision for his family. And so ends one of the

Andrew Luck Stays In School!

Andrew Luck's staying in school.He's going to turn down $50m of guaranteed money to play for one more year at the school which has brought him up as a player, and given him an all-important education.It's funny, because if you're Andrew Luck, this would be the year to get out of college.Reportedly, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh's getting talked to by everyone except the Church of Scientology to be

10 Reasons To Watch The National Championship Game

Dear all,We know that this is the most anticipated National Championship Game since Texas and USC in 2005.But just in case you don't want to watch the game, here's ten reasons why you should (and yes, those Oregon cheerleaders are included!):1) Cameron Newton: Let's forget his past for two seconds (although no doubt it'll get talked about on College Gameday) and concentrate on the game. This guy

Thanks Rich Rodriguez, It was AWESOME

Thanks for the memories, Rich Rodriguez.As a Penn State fan, I'm crying a little inside after reading reports that my favorite coach is leaving the University of Michigan to go to [er, who else will take him? Probably Pitt] after being fired by the boys in Ann Arbor.His 15-22 folks obviously upset some people. If you're a Michigan fan, it must have been frustrating. Last season they got to

Fired: Richt or RichRod?

It's not a good day for two guys with "Rich" in their names, is it?Mark Richt, the coach of Georgia, and Rich Rodriguez, Michigan's coach are both facing the axe after terrible Bowl losses.The Bulldogs failed to score a touchdown in 60 minutes in a miserable 10-6 loss to the footballing powerhouse known as the University of Central Florida, while Michigan was mashed 52-14 by Mississippi State.And

Picking Ourselves Up Off The Carpet....

On January 1, 2011, Penn State Football went backwards, not forwards.The University of Florida - with four key players out - were there for the taking.But joyful things are hoped for and expected, Penn State Nation (well, since 2009 anyway) has been more or less let down.Matt McGloin was absolutely awful. He had the chance to win the game for the boys with the ball on the Gators' 20 with under a
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