With one-third gone- College Football Report - 4 games in.

Right, with four games gone we'd be hard-pushed to say that this college football season's been one of the most exciting on record.Alabama survived at Arkansas. Boise State came back against Virginia Tech. Ohio State hasn't gone on the road yet - but beat 4 sides, including Miami and, er Marshall. Texas and Oklahoma have battled it out to be the country's most disappointing thus far, and Penn

Week 4 Poll

This is the VFA poll. We polled billions and billions of people, and they came up with this remarkably incisive answer. SERIOUSLY.So here it is-1. Alabama  Overcame a scare in Arkansas to win through2. Ohio State  Solid, solid team.3. Boise State  Overplayed Oregon State in front of Gameday crowd.4. Oregon  This team scores. Frightening. Can't wait for Saturday vs Stanford.5. Florida Hammerd

Texas Roasted At Home While Alabama Survives: College Football Afternoon Round-Up

You know a good team when it's up against the wall yet in comes out with a victory.Alabama was losing 20-7 going into the last third of its game at No.10 Arkansas, but rode Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and some clutch stupid throwing from Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett to ride out a 24-20 victory. Was it a vintage victory? Nope. Was it one that distinguishes the men from the boys? Sure.Now we go to

Bug-Eyed in Boise: Week 4 Predictions

College Gameday seemed to commit sacrilege by not including a SEC team in its programming on Saturday, instead focusing on the blue turf of No. 3 Boise State, who will host a monster game with ranked-and-frankly-dangerous Oregon State.So here are our predictions:Oregon State vs Boise StateThe commentators didn't look as though they were actually looking forward to hitting up Boise this weekend,

Week Three Rankings

It's a little bit late, but after a quarter of the season already gone, we thought we'd get our act together by putting out some rankings. You'll probably disagree.Alabama  Best team in the nation so farOhio State Terrelle Pryor & Co are solid. Can't see anyone beat them this year.Oregon  One question: Who's going to be able to deal with THIS offense? Boise State  Rose Bowl bound, but Virginia

Sunday Reminders: Week 3 Recap

On Week 3, we were reminded of a few things:Michigan State reminded us that trick plays at the end of overtime is the most exciting thing in college football. Especially when it's against Notre Dame. That overtime - and college overtime in general, reminds us why college football is soooooo much fun (and that the NFL needs to change its overtime rules!).Clemson and Auburn reminded us (and Brent

Spartan Stunner: Michigan State's Play Of The Year

In the words of one of our favourite commentators, Jack Buck: "I don't believe what I just saw!".The reaction of the Michigan State fans, the stunned Irish band, the even more stunned Brian Kelly, our reaction at 5am in the morning local time (I write this from London, England) which was: "OH MY GOD!!" (in apartment blocks we'll sure that someone will complain tomorrow (oops!)), was what college

Good news Alabama, Your Competition Is Horrible: Afternoon game recap

Here's some good news, Alabama - you won't lose a game in the SEC this year. After seeing back-to-back 'big-time' SEC games today, we can safely say that no side's as good as you.Highlights of the Afternoon1. Remodelled Neyland, same old team: Florida goes into Tennessee, plays badly, but unfortunately karma isn't on the rest of the world's side and they win in Knoxville against an untidy and not

College Football Week 3 Predictions

Week One was fun. Week Two was not so fun (if you're a Penn State fan). What will Week Three bring us?The VFA lays out some predictions:Arkansas vs GeorgiaThe visit of the Razorbacks represents the second good SEC team in a row that Georgia will face. Last Saturday didn't work out too well for the Bulldogs, who were run over by South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore on Saturday. This week, the

Alabama beats Penn State, but it's about the future

Right, the biggest game of the season is over and yours truly can now think a bit more clearly about Penn State's season.The season isn't over because the Lions had their butt kicked by Alabama tonight 24-3. Name me a defense that WOULD have been able to cope with Trent Richardson tonight. Florida? Ohio State? Iowa? Unlikely.Richardson benches 450lb and squats 600lb - the guy's got more power

What Happened to Virginia Tech? Week 2: Day Games Report

While we watch Penn State get their butts handed to them by Alabama (17-0 towards the end of the second half) in Tuscaloosa, we think it's important to reflect on the midday and afternoon games in college football.Stunning upsets1) James Madison beats No.13 Virginia Tech 21-16 - In Lane Stadium. We're always searching for a repeat of Appalachian State at Michigan in 2005, and we might have just

The Week Of The Monster: Week 2 Predictions

Everywhere you look at it this weekend, there are monster games. Neutral college football fans must be drooling.Unfortunately, the VFA aren't the most neutral fans in the world. And that's why we're looking to Week 2 with trepidation.ThursdayAuburn vs Mississippi StateFun game, featuring two of the more understated good coaches in the game - Mississippi State's Dan Mullen and Auburn's Gene Chizik
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