Triple Eight

Triple Eight is a protective gear company offering the highest quality craftsmanship, unique style and innovation that continues to push the limits of the action sports industry. Their products are designed for a variety of sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating, roller derby, wake boarding, BMX and mountain biking. This New York based company represents all that the

Dear Jim, It's time to go

Dear Ohio State University,Fire Jim Tressel. Save yourself the embarrassment of 'Ring-Gate' and simply get rid of your coach. Sure, he's led you in a rich vein of form. He's not the man who built the Horseshoe, but he's been pretty much responsible for continually filling it over the last few years, while they watch dominant Buckeyes teams upon dominant Buckeyes teams roll through the Big Ten

Auburn Football: A Program With Its Head In The Toilet Bowl

 Things simply could not have been sicker for the 2011 National Champion Auburn Tigers right now..Shortly after winning the National Title that it didn't get earlier - or play for - in the 2000s, things have gone downhill for War Eagle and friends.VOMIT! Defensive God Nick Fairley and God-With-Controversy Cameron Newton (and my God, didn't Cam make a fool out of himself at the NFL Combine?),

$77,500 - Is That All Declan Sullivan Is Worth?

On March 15, 2011 Indiana regulators fined the University of Notre Dame $77,500 for the death of student Declan Sullivan, who perished in the fall of last year while he was filming football practice for his beloved Irish team.On a windy day, Declan Sullivan went up a tower to film the all-important practice in 50mph + winds, and the tower toppled, killing the student. Sullivan himself knew it

NFL Lockout Good News For College Football?

Look, we're not happy about the NFL lockout.As fans of seeing the people we worshipped on Saturdays for three, four, five or six years (depending on whether you loved AJ Green (3) or Jordan Shipley (6) play well on Sundays, it was horrible news. We don't want to see the best players at the top of their game suddenly not play for a season. Hey - we love Peyton Manning a lot more as a professional

Welcome to Tresselgate!

Jim Tressel, I would have thought better than you.You were meant to be a decent, hard-working guy. Now, you're a cover-up merchant just like those SEC coaches out there.Look, we at the VFA aren't about to call Ohio State a 'dirty program'. That's because it's not. Having said that, when the coach knows that some of his athletes are flogging their Big Ten Championship rings to a tattoo artist and

Sean Lee named as a star of the future by ESPN

Sean Lee's been named as a "Soon to be star" by ESPN, and we're all hoping that the Dallas Cowboys linebacker is going to be playing on Sundays.It's not because Lee isn't good enough. It's because Lee's union is battling it over billions of dollars with the owners.I have little sympathy for both parties - the owners (who want a bigger slice of the $9bn pie) or the players (who also want a bigger
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