USC Was Found Guilty

USC was found guilty



Ole Miss' Football Stadium

Ole Miss' football stadium

Randall Rocking Russell: Wisconsin Signs Wilson

Big Ten teams perennially struggle with a good, out-of-the-pocket quarterbacks, and now they've got a problem from an unexpected place: Wisconsin.The Badgers signed fantastic NC State quarterback Russell Wilson, who wanted a 'Bo Jackson' career in baseball and football.The move made him unable to play in preseason workouts, which disappointed NC State boss Tom O'Brien - so much so that he gave

Play For Ole Miss,

play for Ole Miss,

College Football Game In

college football game in

Joe Paterno: NCAA Violator

I'm not just unhappy.I'm enraged.I love Joe Paterno. I have a T-Shirt that says "Roll Your Pants Up It's Joe Pa's House". I wear white for Penn State games - even though I'm watching from across the Atlantic. When I grow old, I want to make spaghetti like Sue and wear awesome glasses. I'd also like to get a massive pay salary and dedicate to building a library. And sometimes - when the money

Tradition + Computer Games = No Fun

We get corporate advertising. To be honest, we would love a little more on this website (and if you want to throw in a date with some Oregon Cheerleaders, then please go ahead!).But for Chrissake, when you are trying to talk about college football traditions, don't ruin in with a freaking computer game.Tonight our gripe is with ESPN and Sportsnation, which normally provides hours of fun and

It's Becoming Difficult To Hate Notre Dame

Usually around this time we're mulling over my College Football 'Most Hated List' and trying to work out where Notre Dame is on the list.Usually, they are a Top 5 team. Why? Because it's so damned easy.It's easy to hate the fact that the Irish have their own TV contract, which means that they don't have to bother entering a conference for football. It's easy to hate the fact that while other



Blow to Oregon before LSU game

The story about Cliff Harris really isn't that big.True, he borrowed a car from a member of the University's business operations team (THAT'S not allowed by the NCAA) drove it over 100mph - on a suspended license - got caught, and has now been suspended for at least the biggest game in his school's season- and perhaps his school's history.The reason why it's not that big?Oregon has bigger things

Auburn Tigers 2010 SEC

Auburn Tigers 2010 SEC

On the Drive Out: Terrelle Pryor Walks Out Of Buckeye Football

Terrelle Pryor had already done the selfish thing.Thanks to his own self interest, which included tattoos, selling autographed clothing for cash to a Columbus Tattoo Parlor and allegedly driving around in subsidised cars, the Ohio State quarterback brought a close to his own glittering college football career by telling everybody through a lawyer: "In the best interest of my teammates, I have

JORDAN-HARE Football Stadium

JORDAN-HARE Football Stadium

Capello Losing Control

In the aftermath of England’s latest World Cup disappointment, one factor stands above the rest, that one man has seen an alarming descent in his performances. From the Italian general that ruled the fields of Zagreb and Berlin with such control and calmness to a lone authoritarian figure, refusing to name teams more than two hours in advance, and failing to do exactly what he is paid £6.5
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