New Burton RED line is here!

All Sport Protection is now carrying Burton's new RED line. It offers the best in protection, comfort, and style. Their Theory Helmet is a great example of the fresh look and advanced engineering. It allows you to make adjustments while wearing gloves with ease, with its tri-slide buckle and away-from-collar positioning. The Theory also boasts rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow

And a Les Miles in a pear tree....

After eating far too much Christmas lunch and watching far too many bad movies (right now I'm sadly watching Music & Lyrics (aaargh!!!)), we've got a Yuletide "Partridge and a Pear Tree" song.So here we go....On the 12th day of College Football My true love - who's probably an Oregon Cheerleader - said to me:12  Tennessee on the field at Tiger Stadium11 Oregon Cheerleaders10 Wins for the Oklahoma

Happy Christmas!

Dear Readers,We at the VFA can only write to wish every single one of our hundreds of thousands (we wish!) of readers a very, very Merry Christmas, whether you're reading via this website, Facebook, you've been tweeted, or you stumbled across our crap on Bleacher Report.Speaking of Twitter, a friend of ours noted to us after we attended Midnight Mass that the virgin birth of Christ came only

Tattoo for Christmas?

The Ohio State Buckeyes have given their fans an unwanted early Christmas: a set of bans to start off the 2011 season.Terrelle Pryor, DeVier Posey, Dan Herron, Solomon Thomas and Mike Adams all got five game bans for swapping memorabilia for tattoos.  In the deal, the Buckeyes gave the shop their 2008 Big Ten Championship rings.Wait a minute - the Buckeyes didn't win the 2008 Big Ten Championship

Newton Wins Heisman And Austin Burns

This weekend's been a pretty stunning one for college football - and there was only one game.While Navy was busy dusting Army for the upteenth time with a 31-17 victory, we all prepared ourselves for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. After all, the only person who would be able to stop Cam Newton was the actions of Cam Newton's father, Cecil, who tried to pawn his son off to Mississippi State.But we

Chomp! Big Gator To Leave The Swamp!

eUrban Meyer is leaving the University of Florida, ladies and gentlemen, and this time he really means it.He's going after Penn State's game against Florida (as if the Nittany Lions don't need ANOTHER battle on their hands!) in the Outback Bowl and there must be tears in the eyes of many a fan of orange and blue.Let's face it, there were signs he wanted to go. There were worries about his health

The Best Moment of The Texas Longhorns season just happened....

Expect crowds of burnt orange Texas fans to be crowding the bars and clubs of Austin tonight. Expect some people to be crying a little.Their turd of a 2010 season has been well and truly polished.Greg Davis is out of a job.The VFA isn't the biggest Texas fan - although we can still talk about a wonderful time in 2008 when we attended that Red River Rivalry with a Texas fan and hugged EVERYBODY as

It's Florida!!!!

Penn State fans, we've now found out our (not-so-secret) bowl opponent: The Florida Gators.OK, so it means yet again a trip to crappy old Tampa for the Outback Bowl, but hey - another Jan 1 Bowl (although this one's completely undeserved if you consider the Nittany Lions were put ahead of Iowa in the pecking order despite losing handily to them in Kinnick (Iowa plays Mizzou in a battle of the

Breathing Easy After Boise: Week 14 Thoughts

What a three days of college football it was for us on Thanksgiving.First of all, there was THAT Auburn comeback which stirred hearts. There's nothing quite like Nick Saban getting a kick in the nuts - but it's probably more satisfying when it's Auburn fans who have done it. Their rendition of "Rammer Jammer" was a touch of genius, particularly when you can guaranteed it was repeated in somewhere

Conjuring Up Some Week 13 Predictions

We're entering the second-to-last week of the College Football regular season, which some fans will want to end quickly (Texas, Florida) and some will want to never, ever end (Oregon). For our Pac-10 friends, there is one more regular season game left. While for Big Ten, Big XII, SEC and ACC foes, it. all. ends. here.The VFA gives you our thoughts on an incredible three days of college football

We're nearly at the end (sob!): Week 13 thoughts...

We're nearly at the end of the college football season. Until September goes, Saturday's not going to be a wonderful highlight of my evenings anymore. I might have to do something else - like go to bed.Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Top 25 for the BCS fellas. Dammit boys, in 2011 give me a vote, will you??Oregon - Didn't play, didn't matter.Auburn - So, who's excited about THAT game against

My Premier League Wish List...

Five players i would love to see strutting there stuff on a saturday afternoon in a stadium near you!Lionel Messi - Obvious isn't it, but how can you start a list like this without mentioning the greatest player of our generation. Domestically Messi has won it all, two champions league titles, four la liga titles, one coppa del ray all at the ripe old

Week 11: Our Big Predictions

We love making predictions, and we're making a few of them for Week 11 of the college football season.FRIDAYBoise State at IdahoBoise State by 60. Simple prediction, really.SATURDAYPenn State at Ohio StateTerrelle Pryor's statement that he's returning to Ohio State for another year is good news for the Buckeyes, and bad news for the rest of the Big Ten. Terrelle Pryor's fantastic play this year

Cam Newton: Five Burning Questions

So I've got few burning questions about this Cameron Newton situation. Funnily enough, it's not about whether Cameron Newton's dad accepted money from the University of Auburn to bring Cameron Newton to Tigerland. It's not even about whether it actually happened.1) Who were the universities responsible?Quite honestly, who were the universities responsible for telling ESPN about the story in the

Duck Still Rule The Nest: Our Top 25 After Week 10

With TCU trouncing Utah on the road, the BCS suddenly has a little bit of a shake-up. Here's our thoughts on who should be the BCS Top 25...Oregon - Stuttered early against Washington, then blew the Huskies out of the water. Auburn - Beating Chatanooga. Here's the sound of no hands clapping.TCU - Quite possibly the best performance of the day in a College Gameday crushing of the UtesBoise State -


There aren't usually moments that we shed tears about college football.We didn't in 2005 when Penn State beat Ohio State 17-10 in one of the biggest games in Big Ten history.We didn't in 2009 when Penn State went to the Rose Bowl and got their butts handed to them by USC.But in 2010 we did when Joe Paterno clinched his 400th victory as coach of Penn State Football.It wasn't the prettiest start -

The Biggest Game Isn't Going To Be Played in Death Valley or Utah this weekend: Week 10 preview

This weekend could be something special.We're not talking about TCU vs Utah, although College Gameday might tell you differently. We're not talking about Alabama vs LSU, although the Cajuns and Crimson might tell you differently. We're not talking about Arizona vs Stanford, although the NFL Scouts following Andrew Luck might tell you differently. And we're definitely not talking about Washington

Great Expectations

By our Master in charge of Rugby Union Sam Forbes: Sam speaking to Martin Johnson earlier this weekWhen England’s beloved Red Rose stands arm in arm against the Haka on Saturday afternoon, Twickenham as ever will expect a dramatic upset... I put a question upon you: How many other countries in the World, apart from England, have a consistently competitive team in all major sports? I’m sure I will

Top 25: Week 9 thoughts

Here are our thoughts on the Top 25 best teams in college football. In advance, we'd like to apologise to any Texas Longhorns fans for not mentioning your team. That's because they are horrible (we'll get to the Mack Brown question later this week).Oregon - Came from behind and thumped USC to end the Gameday curse.  Auburn - Jogged in Mississippi, and reinforced why Cam Newton's the best player

This Weekend.....I Have One Thing To Say...

I. Was. Wrong.I thought Penn State wouldn't show up against Michigan. I doubted 110,000 people who hate Michigan. I doubted a loud and proud student section, who showed up reliably late after their 12-hour drinkathon. I doubted Matt McGloin. I doubted the offensive line. I doubted the running backs. I doubted the receivers. I doubted the defense. I doubted the coaching staff. I doubted us so much

What Next For Manchester United?

With the 'Rooneygate' saga now behind us, it seems the burning question is where do Manchester United go from here? With the future of Rooney secure (for now at least) United have the chance to silence the doubters who claim that there is no money to spend at Old Trafford. With the £80 million the club received from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo still (apparently) lying unspent surely United

Some Tops 5s: College Football Eight Weeks In

It's been a crazy, crazy few weeks of college football. While we enjoy the bloodbath of seeing top-ranking team after top-ranking team fall away (and slowly come back), we stop for a moment and remember horrific injuries  - particularly one Eric LeGrand, a defensive tackle for Rutgers who will be lucky is he walks again. Eric, from the bottom of our hearts, we believe in you.Now, here are our top

Oregon Ducks Meet Donald Duck: Week 9 preview

It's the start of 'Hate Month', where we start letting petty differences get in the way of actual football games. And there's a lot of hate to be had this weekend, kids - you just have to look. Louisiana Tech vs Boise StateIf I'm Boise State, I'd be angry. They've been leapfrogged all season long, and there's nothing they can do but pray that Oregon State and Virginia Tech keep on winning games.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the exiting new All Sports Blog! As i am sure you can guess from the title this blog will be covering the burning issues in a variety of sports, specifically concentrating on football, cricket and rugby union from a British and European perspective, although no sport is out of bounds! The blog will also aim to explore the role sport plays in todays society around the world

Ducks quack to top of BCS: Week 8 Thoughts

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Cam Newton: God? Afternoon Feelings on Week 8 of the season

Well, the 12pm and 3.30pm afternoon meetings of some of college football superpowers are over, and while it brings a tear to my eye that we are a few games closer to seeing our beautiful 2010 college football end, it's been quite the day.The Big HeadlinesCam Newton: God?OK, so Cam Newton's a minister and everyone believes in the powers of forgiveness for laptop-throwing ex-quarterbacks, and Cam

Old Man Says: Lose facemasks

Joe Paterno never lacks a word to say, and so when asked for his thoughts about the reason why so many helmet-to-helmet tackles - and dangerous tackling - is going on, he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:"I have been saying (it) for 15 years," Paterno said. "Then, you would get back to shoulder blocking and shoulder tackling and you wouldn't have all those heroes out there. Guys (would) have

'Big Saturday': Week 8 of the College Football season

We'd love to give our thoughts on the BCS, but unfortunately, they are what they are.Oklahoma (people must have thought the win against Air Force, Cincinnati, Utah State and a Texas team that had just been trounced at home to UCLA) must have been pretty amazing to make the No.1. Oregon (who beat Stanford) is 2. Right now, all we can do is concentrate on college football and take things day-by-day

Who's Left After Upset Saturday? Top 25 Poll After Week 7

College Football is like this beautiful quilt. For the first few weeks, we stitch the fabric together and swear it's all going to stay like this forever more. Then the upsets happen. A No.1 goes. Suddenly the patchwork quilt changes colors, allegiances, and conference colours. We throw in a bit of maths, too much controversy, and no-one quite knows what the hell's going on.After an exhausting

Unbelievable Upset Saturday: Week 7 Quick Round-Up

We were proved wrong on many occasions this weekend (pre Oregon State at Washington). Here's just a few:1)  We thought Ohio State would beat Wisconsin. WRONG! Wisconsin gets a kick-off return lead, plays one half of brilliant football, and puts down No.1 31-18 in a frenetic atmosphere at Camp Randall. Kirk Herbstreit did well not to sound disappointed. Yours truly did well not to laugh (much).2)

And Here's To The Duck.....

It's not every day you have a "Behind The Scenes" chat with you. My favourite bit? The views of Oregon cheerleader Courtney Eckhart, Autzen Stadium, and the Oregon Duck beating the crap out of the Houston Cougar.

With 12 teams unbeaten....Who's going to go next?

12 teams are unbeaten, and suddenly we're trying to get excited.Since there's no little-conference play-off to see who's going to be in the big-time bowls, we're pretty much guaranteed a non-BCS (or should we say "lower") school gracing big-time BCS Bowls (unlike Penn State, who'll be lucky to grace any bowl apart from a cereal one).One of LSU and Auburn is guaranteed to lose their unbeaten

10 Questions for this week's college football match-ups?

After last week, this week's going to be running to stand still if it's going to be any better. There are some intriguing match-ups. Here are some questions...1) Will Alabama be able to get back on the horse against Ole MissYes, yes they will. This game should be done by half-time - because Ole Miss is a horrible football team. We look forward to Ingram and Richardson both putting up 100 each.2)

Boise At The Top of The BCS?? Really?

Just seen ESPN's prediction that Boise State are going to be topping the BCS -and actually, it makes a little bit of sense.Firstly, Boise State played two BCS schools (Oregon State and Virginia Tech) in its major non-conference games. Oregon State just beat No.9 Arizona in one of the country's top conferences - and played TCU close, and despite some awfulness from Tech (like losing to James

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week 6 thoughts

As we may have mentioned, it was an emotionally exhausting night last night - so much so that Sunday's NFL games were relatively meaningless for us in a world where one loss effectively can end a season.Anyway, here are our (quick) thumbs up, thumbs down for Week 6 of the college football seasonThumbs UpSouth Carolina Monster weekend for the Gamecocks, who thumped Alabama - mostly due to the

Boise? Oregon? Or Tressel? Top 25 After Week 6

Absolute insanity reigned on Saturday.If Alabama's loss wasn't enough (and believe me, it was), then Les Miles and LSU's breathtaking victory at Florida had us grabbing for the paper bag. And if that wasn't enough, Andrew Luck drove Stanford the length of the field to give them an extra point victory over USC in the nightcaps. Oregon also looked as though they were in a game at Washington State,

Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer, You Got 'Cocked, Alabama: Week 6 Thoughts

After curling up into an enraged ball after Penn State's catastrophic loss to Illinois (and some injuries which means that we at the VFA are thinking of volunteering to play for Tom Bradley's defense because it's so beaten up at the moment), we'd lost faith in college football.A few hours later, it was apparent that Armageddon - once again - had happened in college football. Especially at

Illinois Insanity: Penn State slumps at home

After watching Penn State's feeble 33-13 loss to Illinois, I had one thought: "At least I wasn't there". I'd booked a flight to Beaver Stadium in March. I was excited about coming to Happy Valley.A good friend of mine warned me: "Don't buy a ticket before the game. If we lose to Alabama and Iowa, tickets to the stadium are going to be really cheap."He's right. And after the Nittany Lions'

Bama Bangin': Top 25 Thoughts

1. Alabama  The Florida game was over by half-time. That's how far ahead of the SEC this team is.2. Ohio State  Awful at Illinois, but a win's a win, and they are still the team to beat in the Big 10.3. Oregon  Superb comeback at Autzen against No.9 Stanford must make them want to play every game at home.4. Boise State  Another day, another 50-point victory.5. TCU  Beat Colorado State comfortably

Bama Bangin': Top 25 Thoughts

1. Alabama  The Florida game was over by half-time. That's how far ahead of the SEC this team is.2. Ohio State  Awful at Illinois, but a win's a win, and they are still the team to beat in the Big 10.3. Oregon  Superb comeback at Autzen against No.9 Stanford must make them want to play every game at home.4. Boise State  Another day, another 50-point victory.5. TCU  Beat Colorado State comfortably

Les Miles Madness: Week 5 Thoughts

A few points from what has been an intriguing start to Week 5 of 2010 season (before I watch Georgia Tech vs Wake Forest while waiting for Florida/Alabama and Penn State/Iowa or Oregon/Stanford (depending on how the game's going):1. Les Luck: Can't believe how stunningly laughable the ending was in Baton Rouge. Stewart Mandel of Sport Illustrated fame summed it up on Twitter perfectly: "3rd and

Are the Gators Bama Bait? Week 5 Predictions

Bearing in mind this column's being written quite quickly for numerous reasons (including getting to work on time), we're just throwing some predictions out there.1. Alabama will be Florida. By 14. Mark Ingram will be too much for Florida's 'D' to handle.2. Iowa will handle Penn State (sadly) - although it'll be closer than many of you think. Especially with two defensive-minded coaches.3.

With one-third gone- College Football Report - 4 games in.

Right, with four games gone we'd be hard-pushed to say that this college football season's been one of the most exciting on record.Alabama survived at Arkansas. Boise State came back against Virginia Tech. Ohio State hasn't gone on the road yet - but beat 4 sides, including Miami and, er Marshall. Texas and Oklahoma have battled it out to be the country's most disappointing thus far, and Penn

Week 4 Poll

This is the VFA poll. We polled billions and billions of people, and they came up with this remarkably incisive answer. SERIOUSLY.So here it is-1. Alabama  Overcame a scare in Arkansas to win through2. Ohio State  Solid, solid team.3. Boise State  Overplayed Oregon State in front of Gameday crowd.4. Oregon  This team scores. Frightening. Can't wait for Saturday vs Stanford.5. Florida Hammerd

Texas Roasted At Home While Alabama Survives: College Football Afternoon Round-Up

You know a good team when it's up against the wall yet in comes out with a victory.Alabama was losing 20-7 going into the last third of its game at No.10 Arkansas, but rode Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and some clutch stupid throwing from Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett to ride out a 24-20 victory. Was it a vintage victory? Nope. Was it one that distinguishes the men from the boys? Sure.Now we go to

Bug-Eyed in Boise: Week 4 Predictions

College Gameday seemed to commit sacrilege by not including a SEC team in its programming on Saturday, instead focusing on the blue turf of No. 3 Boise State, who will host a monster game with ranked-and-frankly-dangerous Oregon State.So here are our predictions:Oregon State vs Boise StateThe commentators didn't look as though they were actually looking forward to hitting up Boise this weekend,

Week Three Rankings

It's a little bit late, but after a quarter of the season already gone, we thought we'd get our act together by putting out some rankings. You'll probably disagree.Alabama  Best team in the nation so farOhio State Terrelle Pryor & Co are solid. Can't see anyone beat them this year.Oregon  One question: Who's going to be able to deal with THIS offense? Boise State  Rose Bowl bound, but Virginia

Sunday Reminders: Week 3 Recap

On Week 3, we were reminded of a few things:Michigan State reminded us that trick plays at the end of overtime is the most exciting thing in college football. Especially when it's against Notre Dame. That overtime - and college overtime in general, reminds us why college football is soooooo much fun (and that the NFL needs to change its overtime rules!).Clemson and Auburn reminded us (and Brent

Spartan Stunner: Michigan State's Play Of The Year

In the words of one of our favourite commentators, Jack Buck: "I don't believe what I just saw!".The reaction of the Michigan State fans, the stunned Irish band, the even more stunned Brian Kelly, our reaction at 5am in the morning local time (I write this from London, England) which was: "OH MY GOD!!" (in apartment blocks we'll sure that someone will complain tomorrow (oops!)), was what college

Good news Alabama, Your Competition Is Horrible: Afternoon game recap

Here's some good news, Alabama - you won't lose a game in the SEC this year. After seeing back-to-back 'big-time' SEC games today, we can safely say that no side's as good as you.Highlights of the Afternoon1. Remodelled Neyland, same old team: Florida goes into Tennessee, plays badly, but unfortunately karma isn't on the rest of the world's side and they win in Knoxville against an untidy and not

College Football Week 3 Predictions

Week One was fun. Week Two was not so fun (if you're a Penn State fan). What will Week Three bring us?The VFA lays out some predictions:Arkansas vs GeorgiaThe visit of the Razorbacks represents the second good SEC team in a row that Georgia will face. Last Saturday didn't work out too well for the Bulldogs, who were run over by South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore on Saturday. This week, the

Alabama beats Penn State, but it's about the future

Right, the biggest game of the season is over and yours truly can now think a bit more clearly about Penn State's season.The season isn't over because the Lions had their butt kicked by Alabama tonight 24-3. Name me a defense that WOULD have been able to cope with Trent Richardson tonight. Florida? Ohio State? Iowa? Unlikely.Richardson benches 450lb and squats 600lb - the guy's got more power

What Happened to Virginia Tech? Week 2: Day Games Report

While we watch Penn State get their butts handed to them by Alabama (17-0 towards the end of the second half) in Tuscaloosa, we think it's important to reflect on the midday and afternoon games in college football.Stunning upsets1) James Madison beats No.13 Virginia Tech 21-16 - In Lane Stadium. We're always searching for a repeat of Appalachian State at Michigan in 2005, and we might have just

The Week Of The Monster: Week 2 Predictions

Everywhere you look at it this weekend, there are monster games. Neutral college football fans must be drooling.Unfortunately, the VFA aren't the most neutral fans in the world. And that's why we're looking to Week 2 with trepidation.ThursdayAuburn vs Mississippi StateFun game, featuring two of the more understated good coaches in the game - Mississippi State's Dan Mullen and Auburn's Gene Chizik
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