Breathing Easy After Boise: Week 14 Thoughts

What a three days of college football it was for us on Thanksgiving.First of all, there was THAT Auburn comeback which stirred hearts. There's nothing quite like Nick Saban getting a kick in the nuts - but it's probably more satisfying when it's Auburn fans who have done it. Their rendition of "Rammer Jammer" was a touch of genius, particularly when you can guaranteed it was repeated in somewhere

Conjuring Up Some Week 13 Predictions

We're entering the second-to-last week of the College Football regular season, which some fans will want to end quickly (Texas, Florida) and some will want to never, ever end (Oregon). For our Pac-10 friends, there is one more regular season game left. While for Big Ten, Big XII, SEC and ACC foes, it. all. ends. here.The VFA gives you our thoughts on an incredible three days of college football

We're nearly at the end (sob!): Week 13 thoughts...

We're nearly at the end of the college football season. Until September goes, Saturday's not going to be a wonderful highlight of my evenings anymore. I might have to do something else - like go to bed.Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Top 25 for the BCS fellas. Dammit boys, in 2011 give me a vote, will you??Oregon - Didn't play, didn't matter.Auburn - So, who's excited about THAT game against

My Premier League Wish List...

Five players i would love to see strutting there stuff on a saturday afternoon in a stadium near you!Lionel Messi - Obvious isn't it, but how can you start a list like this without mentioning the greatest player of our generation. Domestically Messi has won it all, two champions league titles, four la liga titles, one coppa del ray all at the ripe old

Week 11: Our Big Predictions

We love making predictions, and we're making a few of them for Week 11 of the college football season.FRIDAYBoise State at IdahoBoise State by 60. Simple prediction, really.SATURDAYPenn State at Ohio StateTerrelle Pryor's statement that he's returning to Ohio State for another year is good news for the Buckeyes, and bad news for the rest of the Big Ten. Terrelle Pryor's fantastic play this year

Cam Newton: Five Burning Questions

So I've got few burning questions about this Cameron Newton situation. Funnily enough, it's not about whether Cameron Newton's dad accepted money from the University of Auburn to bring Cameron Newton to Tigerland. It's not even about whether it actually happened.1) Who were the universities responsible?Quite honestly, who were the universities responsible for telling ESPN about the story in the

Duck Still Rule The Nest: Our Top 25 After Week 10

With TCU trouncing Utah on the road, the BCS suddenly has a little bit of a shake-up. Here's our thoughts on who should be the BCS Top 25...Oregon - Stuttered early against Washington, then blew the Huskies out of the water. Auburn - Beating Chatanooga. Here's the sound of no hands clapping.TCU - Quite possibly the best performance of the day in a College Gameday crushing of the UtesBoise State -


There aren't usually moments that we shed tears about college football.We didn't in 2005 when Penn State beat Ohio State 17-10 in one of the biggest games in Big Ten history.We didn't in 2009 when Penn State went to the Rose Bowl and got their butts handed to them by USC.But in 2010 we did when Joe Paterno clinched his 400th victory as coach of Penn State Football.It wasn't the prettiest start -

The Biggest Game Isn't Going To Be Played in Death Valley or Utah this weekend: Week 10 preview

This weekend could be something special.We're not talking about TCU vs Utah, although College Gameday might tell you differently. We're not talking about Alabama vs LSU, although the Cajuns and Crimson might tell you differently. We're not talking about Arizona vs Stanford, although the NFL Scouts following Andrew Luck might tell you differently. And we're definitely not talking about Washington

Great Expectations

By our Master in charge of Rugby Union Sam Forbes: Sam speaking to Martin Johnson earlier this weekWhen England’s beloved Red Rose stands arm in arm against the Haka on Saturday afternoon, Twickenham as ever will expect a dramatic upset... I put a question upon you: How many other countries in the World, apart from England, have a consistently competitive team in all major sports? I’m sure I will
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